ViewModels, LiveData and Lifecycles, oh my!

Forum Two 1:50pm

It's 2017 and there's a solution for configuration change challenges: enter the ViewModel, a class introduced with the new Android Architecture Components library. ViewModels manage UI-related data in a life-cycle conscious way that survives configuration changes. But ViewModels do much more. Through practical examples, we'll use ViewModel as a point of entry into a discussion about Reactive UIs and the new Android Architecture Lifecycle Components. By the end of this session, you'll know the ins and outs of ViewModels, how they relate to other framework and Architecture Component classes and how to incorporate them into your app.

Lyla Fujiwara, Google

Lyla Fujiwara is an Android Developer Advocate at Google. Prior to joining Google, she worked at Udacity on the Android team, where she taught introductory to advanced Android and Firebase content to over a hundred thousand developers. She's a returned Peace Corps volunteer and has taught and lived on three continents.