Refactoring in Android Studio

Hub One 10:50am

Ever wondered what the Refactor tab does in Android Studio? In this session we'll go through the refactoring options in Studio and show you how applying them to your code will improve it's maintainability, scalability and overall design. We'll also use refactoring on a sample app to show how to go from a classic Android architecture to the new Google reference architecture.

Godfrey Nolan, RIIS LLC

Godfrey is founder and president of RIIS LLC, a mobile development firm in the Detroit Metro area. He is also author of "Bulletproof Android", "Android Best Practices", "Decompiling Android" and "Decompiling Java." Godfrey has spoken at several AnDevcons as well as JavaOne, ASP-Connections, VSLive, Codemash, Code PaLOUsa, 1DevDay and many local Java and .Net user groups on a wide range of topics such as Continuous Integration, Executable Requirements and mobile security.