Rule Your Realm

Hub One 3:40pm

At Blue Apron, we've been using Realm's mobile database to cache data for our app. We've been pleased with Realm's performance overall, but it has a few serious issues we've encountered. Notably, Realm doesn't play nicely with partial updates of model objects, or offer support for cascading deletes. In this talk, Tom will cover what Realm is and why we chose it, as well as explaining these drawbacks and how we've worked around them. You'll learn about how Blue Apron has decoupled our server and client data models, as well as how we've handled deleting orphaned objects. After this talk, you'll be equipped to become the ruler of your own Realm!

Tom Wilson, Blue Apron

Tom is currently the Lead Android Engineer for Blue Apron, where he focuses on building out an amazing experience for Android users to manage their deliveries, see tasty recipes, and more. In a previous life, Tom was the tech lead of the Android SDK for Google Play Games Services. He was one of the founding members of the Google Play Services team, and helped launch that project to provide awesome services to Android developers more easily.