Driver Assistant Solutions with Android

Hub One 11:40am

One of most exciting engineering challenges today is building a reliable self-driving car or driving support system. Today's vehicles offer a huge variety of sensors that can feed any algorithm with enough data to provide a pretty solid driving support experience. On top of this, despite some differences, smartphones sensors are robust enough to provide a rich set of environmental information. During this presentation, we'll discover how to implement computer vision solutions on Android with OpenCV, and how to mash-up device and vehicle data to build a driver assistant solution with open source technologies.

Giorgio Natili, Droidcon Boston Organizer

On paper, Giorgio is an engineering lead at Akamai Technologies where he spearheads the implementation of the new web apps for the security products line of Akamai and leads the development of a mobile SDK. On the job, Giorgio is a strong proponent of agile development practices whose passion for usable, maintainable and testable code is only surpassed by his determination to make things work. His previous speaking engagements include Adobe Max, 360|Flex, FITC, Mobile Web Dev Conference, Mobile Tea, Droidcon, etc.