ObjectBox - a fresh start for object persistence

Hub Two 11:40am

ObjectBox is a new database designed to simplify and speed up object persistence. Learn how you can achieve up to 10x performance on CRUD operations by dropping SQLite with its rows and columns approach. We will look into basic APIs, queries, interop with RxJava, and Kotlin support. Another focus of the talk will be object references, where relational databases and object-oriented languages collide. SQLite-based ORMs struggle with object relations or don’t even support them. For ObjectBox, object relations are an essential part of the database and are mostly transparent in Java code: developers can choose to load relations lazily or eagerly. ObjectBox also handles evolving data schemas differently than other databases. We will show how ObjectBox only relies on the class model. Accordingly, trivial data model changes require no (e.g. add/remove properties/entities) or little (e.g. renames) developer intervention. The speaker Markus Junginger is the developer of ObjectBox and thus can give deep technical insights. He is also the developer behind the widely known open source libraries EventBus and greenDAO and can also share his experience in developing ORMs with greenDAO being the second ORM he developed on top of SQLite.

Markus Junginger, ObjectBox

Markus is the CTO of ObjectBox. Soon after Markus became one of the first Android app developers in 2007, he started open source libraries like EventBus and greenDAO. With 25,000 GitHub stars he’s among the top 1% of Java and Android developers. He’s a high performance fanatic and has an ongoing love/hate relationship with object persistence since he came across Hibernate in his previous life.