Debugging without a Stacktrace: Using Android Studio’s Performance Monitors

Hub One 9:50am

What do you do when your app freezes up, becomes unresponsive, and the logcat just isn’t being helpful? I found myself in this exact situation while debugging a music player I’m currently developing. This talk will walk through a real world crash that doesn't output a stacktrace, and how to debug and get more information using Android Studio’s performance monitors.

Andrew Orobator, 7Park Data

Andrew taught himself Android in 2014 when he started working on Auracle Music Player (now in beta). Currently, he works as an Android developer for 7Park Data. Prior to working at 7Park Data, he designed and taught a beginner’s course on Android development at Carnegie Mellon University. When he’s not working on Auracle or writing a blog post, you can find Andrew on the dance floor busting a move, or at a karaoke bar singing to his heart’s content.