Make Your App Instant!

Forum Two 5:50pm

Instant Apps absorbs the best of both worlds: mobile web and native apps. Instant Apps is designed with speed, light weight, best UX and modularity in mind. Just like mobile web apps Instant Apps is very light and does not require installation. On the other hand, it provides a truly native user experience with material design and native navigation, which users are so used to. Building Instant Apps requires a lot of work on the architecture side, modularization and reducing the app size. Instant Apps types, architecture changes, project structure, size and feature constraints, practical tips to slim down the application, lessons learnt will be discussed during the talk.

Yuliya Kaleda,

Yuliya is an Android developer at, leading a team of 4 developers whose main focus is to build performant, scalable and cutting-edge Android projects. For the last few months Yuliya has been leading the development of the first multi-feature Instant Apps. Yuliya is actively involved at C4Q - non-profit organization, which fosters the tech community in NY.