Multi-threaded Rendering on Android (with Litho & Infer)

Forum Two 1:00pm

The Facebook UI Foundation team develops UI rendering infrastructure for common surfaces in the Facebook app. We recently migrated the Facebook Android News Feed codebase to background rendering in a scalable, safe, and performant manner. This talk will introduce how our teams completed this migration utilizing two open source libraries — Litho and Infer — while improving scroll performance and developing an analyzer which automatically finds concurrency bugs (and other bugs too!). We'll share some of the issues we ran into, performance results, and how you too can use these libraries in your own app.

Jingbo Yang, Facebook

I graduated from Columbia University with a Masters degree in Computer Science and am currently an Android Developer at Facebook. After one year of product development on Timeline, I switched to work on scroll performance and multi-threaded rendering in News Feed. Three years in and I am deeply addicted to it! When rendering starts to get slow, I fight to make it fast!

Benjamin Jaeger, Facebook

Benjamin is an Android Engineer on the Facebook Maps Infra team in Boston and previously worked on the UI Foundation Team in NYC. He recently graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. and M.Eng. in Computer Science. In his free time, he shepherds a flock of Androids around the Boston Common.