IoT for Android Developers

Forum One 5:00pm

Android Things is an exciting platform for Android developers because it enables building smart, connected devices using the same frameworks and tools they are familiar with. But there can also be a bit of a learning curve in transitioning from mobile development to working in IoT. Suddenly, you are responsible for the hardware that goes into the device, and determining how you are going to communicate with it! In this presentation we will explore the basics of interacting with hardware peripherals and protocols, and some of the tips and tricks for building an Android app that runs on an embedded device.

Dave Smith, Google

Dave Smith is a Developer Advocate at Google, focused on IoT and the Android Things platform. Over the past decade he has worked with low power M2M systems and wireless radio links, and also built custom applications and system components to run Android on embedded platforms. He has a passion for finding opportunities to make devices, and developers, smarter.