Creating the Lyft Driver App: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Forum One 4:30pm

Originally Lyft was introduced as a single app where users could switch to between driver and passenger modes in order to give and recieve rides. There were advantages at the beginning to having only one app with multiple modes, but after time this bloated the app size and decreased the rate that we could create and release new features. Splitting these two modes (one into a Passenger app and one into a Driver app) could be done in a few ways, but we settled upon using the modularization of various apsects of the code for the task. This talk will discuss the architecture and execution of this modularization used in order to release the Lyft Driver app.

Ryan Tempas, Lyft

Ryan is an Android Engineer at Lyft. He is a member of the Driver Experience Team, contributing to many new features that drivers depend in their day to day lives. Some of these include the Amp (driver dashboard device), Driver App, Scheduled Pickups and Carseat mode. Ryan previously worked at Microsoft, creating a platform for Android apps to run natively on Windows, and on a Microsoft Office mobile incubation project.