Deep Linking for Instant Apps Made Easy

Hub One 11:50am

Deep links are nothing new to Android, but Instant Apps bring a fresh new user experience to deep linking. With the advent of Instant Apps, what changes for deep links? It's more important than ever to make sure that users get the best experience by taking advantage of the functionality of Instant Apps. We’re working directly with Google during its Instant App beta to set up Full App deep linking and conversion tracking. Learn the best way to leverage deep links for Instant Apps at at our workshop - learn about how (and why) it works, and how leading apps are already making use of the Branch <> Instant Apps integration to create better experiences and make sense of new users.

Evan Groth, Branch Metrics

Evan Groth is a Product Engineer at Branch, the leading mobile linking platform backed by Andy Rubin's Playground Ventures with solutions to unify user experiences and measurement across channels, devices, and platforms. Evan works on Branch's internal experimental projects, rapidly prototyping ideas with the potential to shape mobile linking and the broader ecosystem. In addition, he contributes to Branch's Android SDK whether it be a feature request, bug fix, or GitHub discussion. He was the company's first Developer Evangelist and still loves to attend as many Android events as possible.