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Radical RecyclerView

The Forum 1:30pm

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This talk will cover how to madly customize (almost) everything in a RecyclerView. Today's apps aren't simple lists and grids. They have complex, hierarchical content and move, interact, and flow with the user and their device. The layout-dp folder is dead; long live the custom adapter! - Flow layouts dynamically from a single column on phone to grids and columns on tablets. Mix multiple sections and view types. - Let your lists move! Let users expand and collapse content and insert asynchronously from the network, all with predictive animations. Diff new content and dispatch fine-grained, animated updates in place. - Decorate views with backgrounds, separators, and indents (like sections with headers, groups with different "backgrounds", mixed rows and grids!) - Allow any part of your content to be rearranged or swipe-to-delete. We'll talk about custom adapters, ItemDecorators, ItemTouchHelpers, ItemAnimators, SpanSizeLookups, and everything short of making your own LayoutManager.

Lisa Wray, Independent

Lisa Wray is an Android developer, speaker, and advocate specializing in user interfaces. She has a B.S. from M.I.T. in music and computer science, and is an Android Google Developer Expert. She previously worked at Google on the Developer Relations team, at the New York Times, and at Genius, a Brooklyn-based startup, where she built their Android app from scratch. She currently lives in Seattle.