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A Material Design guide for Android Developers

Water Studio 9:50am

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Are you a developer who has heard of Material Design but are not sure where to get started? Have you wondered how apps like Google Play and Youtube do fancy animations, beautiful colors, and papercraft effectively? Fret not! This talk will bridge the gap between Google’s Material design documentation and the Android developer documentation and help you get started on building or revamping your app to follow Material Design guidelines. We will look at code samples and learn how to make use of AppCompat and Design Support libraries so that you can implement UI elements that are commonly used across Android apps all the way back to Android Eclair (2.1, API Level 7). Along the way, we will also learn more about useful resources that will help you envision and build apps that look and feel “material”.

Yash Prabhu, Warner Bros. Digital Labs

Yash Prabhu leads the Android team at Warner Bros. Digital Labs (formerly DramaFever) and has been developing Android apps since 2010. She has spoken at several Android meetups and conferences over the past three years. In her spare time, she volunteers at Girl Develop It Philadelphia and Code For Philadelphia as a teaching assistant and mentor. She also co-organizes Google Developers Group Philadelphia.