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Efficient Android Layouts

The Forum 10:00am

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A well-written, efficient layout can increase performance and simplify maintenance. In this talk we'll go over how to write the best layouts for your application. We'll cover a range of improvements including choosing the right ViewGroup, effectively leveraging resource qualifiers, avoiding code duplication, and more tips and tricks. Come and learn how to get the most power out of every View!

Dan Lew, Trello

Dan Lew has been an Android developer for seven years. He started at Mobiata (FlightTrack), went on to lead the Android team at Expedia, and is currently working at Trello. He's an Android Google Developer Expert and has been giving talks at local meetups and conferences for the last several years. He's released a couple minor open source Android libraries and several open source apps on Github. He also writes regularly about Android development at danlew.net.