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The Jack and Jill build system

Exchange Hub 10:00am

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The Android SDK now contains the experimental Jack and Jill compilers. Like the traditional Java and Dex compilers, they still translate Java source code to Dalvik bytecode, so at some level, it may seem like a small change. In this presentation, I'd like to discuss the implications for developers. How can you start using the compilers? What are the advantages? Are there any disadvantages? I'll also provide some insight in the underlying technology, such as the Gradle build process and the new Jayce bytecode representation, which may impact the Android ecosystem more profoundly.

Eric Lafortune, GuardSquare

Eric is the creator of the open-source optimizer and obfuscator ProGuard, and its commercial extension DexGuard. He is obsessed with making applications more compact, more efficient, and better protected against attacks. He is the founder and CTO of GuardSquare, where they put this obsession to good use.