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Supercharging your Android app release with fastlane

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How would you like 2 extra hours of your time back every week? All Android app developers face similar workflows as they work to upload an app to Google Play. Many of these processes are currently done manually, but why not automate them? Fastlane makes building, testing, and releasing your app faster, reproducible and less troublesome, leaving developers more time to focus on feature code and not deployment! Learn how you can automate the tedious tasks to generate release notes, screenshots, submit betas and push your final submission straight to the Google Play portal effortlessly from your command line with a powerful open source tool.

Andrea Falcone, Twitter/Fabric

Andrea Falcone is a senior software engineer at Twitter, working on the Beta by Crashlytics and the Fabric platform. She has developed for the Fabric and Crashlytics Android SDKs and tools (plugins for Ant, Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ, Android Studio and Eclipse!) as well as the Beta by Crashlytics Android app.