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ADB, Break On Through To the Other Side

Water Studio 10:40am

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ADB is maybe one of the most used tools by the Android developers. But it is for sure the less known. If you ever wondered how ADB is working? Why is it faster now? How Android Studio is using it under the hood? Why my ADB server is killed sometimes? And by the way, what this server is about? This talk is made for you. I spent several weeks diving into the ADB source code for Genymotion and I learned interesting things about this project, its history, the internals, the interaction with the developers tools, ... It's time for me to share this with you! Here is an outline of the presentation: - How ADB works (the big picture) - Some ADB commands you maybe never heard about - The history of the project - The ADB Internals (the ADB protocols, the structure of the software) - How development tools are using ADB?

Eyal LEZMY, Genymobile

Eyal is a software engineer at Genymobile, working on Genymotion – an Android emulator. He's been working with Android since 2009. He's also Treasurer at the Paris Android User Group and a Google Developer Expert in Android. Over the years, Eyal has been involved in several RandD projects with the French internet providers; worked for Samsung's Android B2B team; and built an Android STB for a hotel chain.