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Close the Loop: Designing and Developing Together

Wall Hub 4:00pm

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Whether you work as a developer or designer at a product company, as an independent contractor, or as part of a team of consultants, you will leave this session with new techniques to streamline your “dev+sign” process, making it a more enjoyable and effective experience for all. At Big Nerd Ranch we’ve forged a process where Android developers and designers work hand-in-hand throughout the life of a project to support each other in creating the most awesome Android app possible. We will walk you through real examples from the trenches (names will be changes to protect the innocent!) and talk about what we learned from our mistakes. From presenting a united front in advocating for standard Android conventions, to creating a shared language for common elements to reduce code redundancy and prevent a rat’s nest of styles, we will share details about processes we follow to solve problems we have faced in creating apps for clients.

Kristin Marsicano / Zack Simon, Big Nerd Ranch

Kristin Marsicano is an Android developer at Big Nerd Ranch, and the co-author of Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. Prior to working at Big Nerd Ranch, Kristin spent five years teaching introductory Computer Science courses at Georgia Tech. Always an educator at heart, she is passionate about learning, software development, and the intersection of the two. When she is not teaching or developing apps, you can find Kristin cooking for her growing family, doing yoga, or learning something new (like gardening). Zack Simon is a UX/UI designer at Big Nerd Ranch, where he conducts user testing and designs web and mobile apps. He works closely with developers to deliver award-winning apps to clients around the globe. In his free time, Zack attempts to collect one of every Pokémon in the national dex.