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How to Build a Material Icon: The Basics (Workshop)

Code Lab 5:40pm

Chat on Slack

Google has provided a detail set of guidelines for the creation of Material product icons and yet it remains a confusing endeavor. In this workshop we'll run through the creation of a simple product icon step by step. We'll demystify the guidelines and learn about its inaccuracies and undocumented aspects including longshadows, and exporting for production. Experience with vector design software recommended but not required. This workshop will use Figma (http://figma.com) a full capability browser-based design tool (think web-based Sketch). You don't need an existing account to take this class.

Michael Cook, Cookicons

Icon and interface designer from small-town Iowa. I've been exploring Google iconography since 2010, back before Project Kennedy, Holo, and Material Design. I've been doing freelance Material product icon design basically since Matias announced the design system at I/O.