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Mobile SDKs: Use with Caution

Water Studio 11:40am

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We’ve all heard of mobile SDKs. These off-the-shelf services that offer advertising, analytics, social and more. These SDKs are a great help in development process. They offer unique functionality, simplify the coding and save precious time and money. But SDKs are not really YOUR code. You work hard to ensure your users’ experience, safety and privacy in your own code, but can you be liable for these guests SDKs’ code as well? In this presentation, I’ll dive into the two major domains of risk introduced when using SDKs, and spice it up with real-life stories and what can be done to reduce the risk.

Orly Shoavi, SafeDK

Orly Shoavi has held leading positions in R&D, Product Management, Product Marketing and Business Development. Orly, who focused her entire career on the mobile industry, began as a software engineer at Intel and Radvision and as an Applications Team Leader at modu. She then shifted her focus to Product Management and Business Development at Telmap, which led her back to Intel after the company’s acquisition. There she was part of the management team of the New Devices Israel Group. In the past ten years Orly has dealt with dozens of SDKs integrations: from choosing the right SDKs for the various mobile applications she was involved in to the SDKs implementation and testing. Orly teaches at the Computer Science Faculty at IDC. Orly is an 8200-alumni and holds a BSc. and an MSc. in Computer Science, both from the Technion (Cum Laude) and an MBA from Tel Aviv University (Cum Laude).