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Virtual Reality in Android (lab)

Code Lab 9:50am

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Note: This is the code lab for content from the earlier talk. On this years IO Google announced Daydream, a new way of integrating your apps with Virtual Reality. To prepare the audience for those new changes, I'll explain the current situation of the VR on Android by live coding two apps: An app using Unity to produce an App on Android and Ios, but also show how to write a simple photosphere app, written in pure Java, emphazising the differences and similarities between both SDKs. After showing how to easily write Cardboard Apps, I'll introduce Daydream, and how this specification changes the usage of the SDK and how to use the simulated, or real controller.

Mario Bodemann, Contentful

Google Developer Group Co-Organiser in Berlin, Germany @Berlindroid Android and Java Evangelist @Contentful Software Engineer @Memorado and @HERE Graduate Software Engineer @Wooga Research Associate @HHIFraunhofer