Efficient Lazy Loading for RecyclerView with Room

RecyclerView can be used to display a long list of items efficiently but sometimes; even the list itself is too big to load into memory. Unfortunately, it is not easy to load data lazily but still provide a great user experience. We will first discuss the shortcomings of the current lazy loading solutions, go deep in the SQLiteCursor class and clarify why we need better lazy loading APIs. Then; we are going to talk about the new Paging component, show how it tackles these problems and finally mention the integration with Room and the future plans.

Yiğit Boyar, Google

Yigit is a software engineer on the Android Framework team focusing on app architecture and developer productivity. He also works on Data Binding and RecyclerView. Prior to joining Google, he was the Android Engineering Manager at Path. He received his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey.

Chris Craik, Google