Stay Calm and Modularize

Modularizing your app into smaller functional code modules comes with many benefits: smaller APK sizes mean that your users download your app faster, which is particularly important in emerging markets. It's also a critical step for building Instant Apps: applications which provide a native experience without requiring user installation. While modularization sounds great, it can be a daunting task. This talk will focus on various strategies for shrinking your APK size, using the refactoring tools found in Android Studio 3.0, as well as tips for taking your modularized app and turning it into an Instant app.

Lyla Fujiwara, Google

Lyla Fujiwara is an Android Developer Advocate at Google. Prior to joining Google, she worked at Udacity on the Android team, where she taught introductory to advanced Android and Firebase content to over a hundred thousand developers. She's a returned Peace Corps volunteer and has taught and lived on three continents.