Inside Instant Apps

Google has introduced Instant Apps so users can smoothly navigate from web pages to native Android apps. Instant apps do require some extra work from developers. In this presentation, we go beyond the official documentation to take a deeper dive into the internals of instant apps. How do they affect the development process? What happens during the build process? How are they installed and tied together on the device?

To get a feel for the technology, we have also converted about two dozen open source apps to instant apps -- from Frozen Bubble, to IoSched, to Firefox. I'll share our insights, pointing out some potential pitfalls and providing practical tips and tricks.

Spoiler: we've completely automated the conversion of traditional apps to instant apps. We let the computer do the hard work, reducing the conversion time from 4 weeks to 4 minutes. I'll show how it works.

The presentation should be helpful for anyone interested in what makes Android tick, for app developers considering to get started with instant apps, and for instant app developers who want to improve their development process and their apps.

Eric Lafortune, GuardSquare

I'm the creator of ProGuard and its specialized sibling for Android, DexGuard. I'm obsessed with making applications more compact, more efficient, and better protected against attacks. I'm the founder and CTO of GuardSquare, where they put my obsession to good use. I've given presentations at Droidcon London, Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, and many other conferences. My goal is always to dig deeper into the technology, to resurface with practical insights to improve the software that we create.