Advanced animations with ConstraintLayout

ConstraintLayout 1.0 and the Android Studio layout editor made building flexible UI easy. With both 1.0 and the recently introduced updates in 1.1 it is possible to easily create views animations and transitions. This talk will discuss ways to use ConstraintLayout and Android Studio to create complex, custom transitions / motions effects. We will cover new library functionalities as well as presenting [not yet released tools] assisting in the creation workflow.

John Hoford, Google

John is a developer on Android working on Android Studio and ConstraintLayout. He has worked on Android Studio, RenderScript, Vector Drawables, computed shadows and photo editor filters. Prior to joining Google, John was a principal engineer at GE Healthcare working on their image processing applications framework

Nicolas Roard, Google

Nicolas worked over the years on various projects at Google, from the HTML 5 support in Android Browser, implementing the webview hardware acceleration in Honeycomb, or writing a scalable and non-destructive photo editor in JB/KitKat. After a gap year working on robots, he came back to Android, developed ConstraintLayout and now leads the layout editor team on Android Studio.