Magical App-to-App Integrations

Usable and efficient app-to-app interactions can empower magical moments for your user, provide growth opportunities, and reengage existing users, but they can be difficult to reason about and even more difficult to design and build for. Ty has been building mobile-focused developer platforms at Evernote, Twitter, and now Uber. In this talk, he'll walk you through many of the best practices that he's observed and accumulated. You’ll find out how to reason about app-to-app interactions to provide an elegant user-experience for external apps to engage with, and explore technical examples that allow third party developers to seamlessly interact with your app, thus shortcutting expensive server operations while providing more efficient and magical native flows. Topics will break down specific features he's built over the years including building Single Sign-on, a deep dive into Deeplinks, powering system level integrations for deep partner integrations, and constructing well-defined interfaces for data and user-flows. Ty will walk you through how to create an app as a platform – if that’s something you want to know, don’t miss it!

Ty Smith, Uber

Ty has been working on Android since 2009. He is a tech lead at Uber, focusing on the external developer platform. He is a member of the Google Developer Expert program and regularly speaks at international conferences on Android. He organizes the SF Android Meetup group and Droidcon SF. He is a member of the technical advisory and investment group, Specialized Types. Prior to Uber, Ty worked on the Fabric tools at Twitter, the Evernote Android App and SDK, a messaging platform for Sprint, and Zagat for Android.