Exploring Tensor Flow on Android

Machine Learning is rapidly gaining traction from image classifiers to image filters to face recognition and beyond. Machine Learning and Mobile puts you at the forefront for the next frontier. This talk will be designed for experienced Android Developers who want to learn how to build and train their first model for mobile use. The talk will focus on the starting point of building and training a model using Python rather than using a predefined one. Expect this talk to cover less about Android internals and focus more on machine learning for beginners.

Zach Westlake, Pinterest

Zach Westlake is an Android Developer at Pinterest. Zach has spent 4 years working in the mobile development space and 6 years as a software engineer. His past includes working at The Hunt and the United States Air Force. When he isn't geeking out on Android he is either messing with his camera, backpacking or collecting pictures of pugs for his Pinterest board. Zach has a B.S. in Computer Science. He lives in Oakland.