Android Security, an Enterprise perspective

Debunking Android security Myths with data Android has a poor reputation in the market around security. This is especially damaging in the Enterprise space where security is of prime importance. In this talk I will review data in several reports to highlight the reality of security in Android, changes Google has made to their tools and processes to enhance security, and best practices to demonstrate to Enterprise customers that Android apps the audience builds are secure. I will review how features introduced in Android 6.0, Google Mobile Services and third party extensions collaborate to provide to the market state of art solutions. This talk will answer questions like: 1. Android threats, real or FUD? 2. Security updates, why are they critical for the Enterprise market 3. Security and Long Life Cycle of Android devices, what are the market best practices Attendees will leave knowing how to speak the security and strength of the Android platform.

Dan Quagliana, Zebra Technologies

Daniel Quagliana is the Head of Global Developer Relations at Zebra. He works with Zebra’s ISV Partners and Developers to build awareness & educate on Zebra’s portfolio and tools to enable the creation of innovative Enterprise Visibility Solutions. Since the founding of Zebra’s ISV & Developer Program he has helped hundreds of thousands of developers around the world build thousands of industry leading applications. Previously Mr. Quagliana was a software engineer and the project lead, managing product development for Zebra’s strategic accounts. Prior to joining Zebra in 2007, Mr. Quagliana spent 5 years in the software development field. He received a B.S. degree in computer engineering from Northwestern University and is a credentialed Project Management Professional. He has spoken internationally at several conferences such as Xamarin Evolve, Cards & Payment Asia, Retail World Asia, and Zebra & Motorola APPFORUMs.