Architecture Components round table

Google's new Architecture Components libraries make it easier to write robust apps, empowering you to spend less time on boilerplate and more time on the code that makes your app special. Join architecture experts, including members of the Android Framework team, as they debate and discuss the ins and outs of working with the new components. The panel will tackle topics ranging from using the components in production apps, readiness, interoperability, presentation layer architecture, current feature requests and much more.

Jose Alcérreca, Google

Developer Programs Engineer @ Google, working on Architecture and Testing.

Yiğit Boyar, Google

Yigit is a software engineer on the Android Framework team focusing on app architecture and developer productivity. He also works on Data Binding and RecyclerView. Prior to joining Google, he was the Android Engineering Manager at Path. He received his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey.