Machine learning for Android developers

Find out how to use machine learning on Android! This talk explains what machine learning can do for you, how it works, and shows how to use a TensorFlow image classifier in your Android app. We will cover: -Example machine learning applications. --Handwriting recognition, speech to text, sentiment analysis. --Artistic image filters, e.g. the “Vincent van Gogh Starry Night” stylizer. -Machine learning APIs and frameworks. -An overview of machine learning: training, evaluation and using models. --Training data sets: NIST/MNIST, ImageNet, Kaggle. -How to retrain a TensorFlow model and use it in your Android application: demo and sample code!

Dan Jarvis, Capital One

Dan leads development of the Capital One Wallet app for Android and blogs about machine learning: Dan is a long time Stackoverflow user who is passionate about automated testing, continuous integration and agile development. He likes clean, maintainable code and lots of logging and monitoring to make sure everything works as it should. Blog: Profile: Twitter: @jarvisapps