App Development - Pragmatic Best Practices

A talk by Yigit Boyar (@yigitboyar) and Israel Ferrer Camacho (@rallat). In this talk, we want to share best practices to overcome those challenges every app has. We shared a survey asking over a 100 Android devs about their biggest challenges in Android app development ( From analyzing the data from the survey, common challenges surfaced. First, we'll talk about best practices in app organization, architecture, and testing. After that we will be tackling some of Android's specific challenges like supporting OS versions, configuration changes, updating UI with live data (network, database), Fragments, concurrency and testing.

Israel Ferrer Camacho,

Israel Ferrer Camacho is an Android engineer working at Twitter. Passionate about Android, object oriented design principles, testing and agile methodologies. Ex @lookout and @feverup. Android developer since 2009. Israel is the co-founder of Barcelona GDG.

Yiğit Boyar, Google

Yigit is a software engineer on the Android Framework team focusing on app architecture and developer productivity. He also works on Data Binding and RecyclerView. Prior to joining Google, he was the Android Engineering Manager at Path. He received his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey.