Hot Off the Open-Source Grill: RIBs, Scalable Multiplatform App Architecture

The wrong architectural framework for your app can result in needless complexity, limits to scalability, and caps on speed and performance, not to mention grumpy engineers. By 2016, we realized we had outgrown the architectural framework used to build the then-Uber rider application. To create an architecture that could be sustainably maintained as we moved into our next stage of growth, our team developed a new single activity architectural framework: RIBs, resulting in measurable productivity gains. Brian will provide insight into the architectural ideas and choices explored, alternative frameworks considered, and how RIBs can work for your high-complexity application. This will be the first public discussion of this architecture since open-sourcing the RIBs framework and its testing, memory analysis, and Intellij templating tooling.

Brian Attwell, Uber

Brian Attwell is a member of the Mobile Platform team at Uber. He is one of the engineers behind the cross-platform RIB architecture and a co-designer of Uber’s cross-platform plugin architecture. Brian has worked at Google, Facebook, and Apple, so believe him when he says you should work at Uber. Come say hi.