RIBs. Single Activity App Framework with Reactive State

App architecture has huge impact on the maintainability of your apps. Picking an architectural framework that isn’t suitable for your app creates a tax you’ll be paying for years. We’ve open sourced RIBs: a new single-activity architectural framework with a novel set of tradeoffs. RIBs are best suited for applications with lots of server-driven state and screens with shared elements. When building RIBs we focused on building additional tooling for testing, memory analysis, and Intellij templating. This talk will discuss the benefits and downsides that RIBs offer you. Do RIBs make sense for your apps? This talk will share philosophies, ideas and tools that will be useful when choosing architectural frameworks and building apps, even if RIBs don’t make sense for your type of application.

Brian Attwell, Uber

Brian Attwell is a software engineer on Uber’s Mobile Platform team. He is one of the engineers behind the cross-platform RIB architecture and a co-designer of Uber’s cross-platform plugin architecture. Brian has worked at Google, Facebook, and Apple.