Learn how to improve user experience and retention with the Android Autofill Framework

The Android O release introduced the Autofill Framework, a secure and efficient way to enable password managers to automatically fill other apps. Although the Autofill Framework was designed to work without any effort from app developers, it provides integration APIs that improves its workflow, resulting in a better user experience and retention. This session will be presented by the Android Engineer leading the Autofill Framework project and will cover topics such as: * Autofill Framework architecture and workflow. * Simple apps optimization through XML tags. * Autofill callbacks. * Custom views integration. * Virtual views integration. * Testing apps for autofill.

Felipe Leme, Google

Felipe Leme is the lead engineer of the Android Autofill Framework. He joined the Android team in 2012 and worked on many projects such as Google Cloud Messaging, Data Saver, Interactive Bugreports, Scoped Directory Access, and Google Play Movies. He spoke at big conferences such as Google I/O and JavaOne, and used to be a Java instructor in Brazil. Felipe is a passionate TDD (Test-Driven Development) proponent, and co-authored the JUnit in Action, 2nd edition book. He is also a homebrewer and an amateur poker player.